Architects of Deeper Learning


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Chapter 1:

  • Design Principles aligned with Hattie Research - PDF
  • Blueprint for Deeper Learning - (All Content Areas) - PDF DOCX
  • Blueprint for Deeper Learning - Flipped GRR (Math Option) - PDF DOCX
  • Blueprint for Deeper Learning - C3 College, Career, and Civic Life (Social Studies Option) - PDF DOCX
  • Blueprint for Deeper Learning - 5E Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate, Evaluate (Science Option) - PDF DOCX
  • Blueprint for Deeper Learning - Design Thinking (Makerspace, CTAE / STEM / STEAM) - PDF DOCX
  • Rigor/Relevance Framework - PDF

Chapter 2: Foundation for Learning

  • Bloom’s/DOK Curricular Examples Across Content Areas - PDF
  • Hess Cognitive Rigor Matrices - PDF
    (Reading, Writing, Math/Science, Humanaties, CTE, World Languages, PE, Fine Arts)
  • Identifying Focus Standards - Grade 7 ELA Example - PDF
  • Identifying Focus Standards Template - PDF DOCX
  • Standard Analysis Template - PDF DOCX
  • Teaching and Learning Map - Grade 7 ELA Example - PDF
  • Teaching and Learning Map Template - PDF DOCX

Chapter 3: Framing the Problem

  • Career and Technical Education Tasks by Rigor/Relevance Quadrant - PDF
  • English Language Arts Tasks by Rigor / Relevance Quadrant (ES, MS, HS) - PDF
  • Frame the Problem Template - PDF DOCX
  • Ideas for Student Roles, Authentic Audience, Performance/Product - PDF
  • Math Tasks by Rigor/Relevance Quadrant (ES, MS, HS) - PDF
  • Science Tasks by Rigor/Relevance Quadrant (ES, MS, HS) - PDF
  • Social Studies Tasks by Rigor/Relevance Quadrant (ES, MS, HS) - PDF

Chapter 4: Construction of Knowledge

  • Construction of Knowledge Task Template - PDF DOCX
  • Five to Thrive Strategies for ALL Learners - PDF
  • Paper airplane template - PDF
  • Question Stems by Rigor/Relevance Quadrant - PDF
  • Self-Assessment: Teacher-Centered vs. Learner-Centered - PDF DOCX
  • Technology by Rigor/Relevance Quadrant - PDF

Chapter 5: Inspection of Results

  • Single-Point Rubric Options - PDF DOCX
  • Student Learning Plan Templates - PDF DOCX

Chapter 6: Start a Learning Renovation

  • Evaluating the Four Ps: Programs, Practices, Processes, and Policies - PDF
  • Instructional Coaching Plan Template - PDF DOCX
  • Our Construction Plan Template: Let the Renovation Begin! - PDF DOCX
  • Rigor, Relevance, Learner Engagement Rubrics - PDF
  • Self-Assessment: Design Principles - PDF DOCX
  • Weekly Lesson Plan Options - PDF DOCX

Lissa Pijanowski, Ed.D.,

is a Senior Fellow and Thought Leader for the International Center for Leadership in Education and the Founder and Chief Learning Officer of Innovate 2 Educate. She has worked with educators nationally and internationally to create compelling learning experiences that reflect high expectations for all students.